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I’m flying to Greenland tomorrow

Finally. I’ve been fascinated by the place ever since reading about it in the back of a book on Iceland I got years ago. I guess I’m fairly well travelled in the far North with trips to Northern Scandinavia, Svalbard, Murmansk, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Alaska and the Yukon behind me, but Greenland has eluded me for all these years mainly because of the high cost of getting there. Every time I’ve flown over Greenland on transatlantic flights I’ve looked down longingly at the ice cap, and wondered with marvel at the obscure place names like Angmagssalik, Maniitsoq and Ittoqqortoormiit and always said to myself I’d get there one day. And tomorrow is that day, having recently had the good fortune to be made redundant from a job I was about to quit anyway giving me a month off and a bit of money to pay for the trip.

Copenhagen City Hall

Copenhagen City Hall

Flights to Greenland are via Copenhagen or Reykjavik, and the former worked out cheaper for me, which gives me an overnight stop in the Danish capital which I’m quite glad to have as I’ve never been here before. I won’t say too much about Copenhagen here as it’s not really what this blog is about, but I really love the place. I recognise bits of it from the Killing (which I’ve just finished watching on DVD), not so many of the jumpers around though, and hopefully fewer murders.


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