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Reliving an old trip – 11 June 2005

Aberdeen Northlink

Leaving Aberdeen on the Northlink ferry bound for Lerwick

I’m going to write up my three week trip I did in the summer of 2005 (a scary seven years ago, can’t believe that). For the most part I’ll just write up an old journal I kept at the time.

Left home at 8:30 this morning, fairly uneventful journey to Aberbeen via Luton and easyJet. Aberdeen seemed a few degrees cooler than London, according to my GPS I’d travelled 400 miles North but this was just the start.

I’m writing this on the North Link ferry to Aberdeen, the North sea is predictably a bit choppy so it could be a long night! But it’s great to be surrounded by the North atlantic, which will be a constant for the next three weeks, save for perhaps a few days in Iceland.

Not sure how I’ll cope for three weeks on my own, it’s the longest I’ve been away for and it seems strange to be going to an unknown place with noone to meet up with when I get there. Still, got my iPod for company [edit – this was a first generation iPod I was very proud of at the time]

Just read up on Lerwick in the guidebook so I’m ready for the 7am arrival tomorrow.


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