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Reliving an old trip – 18th June 2005 – Part Two – A night on the tiles

Being a Saturday night (and to be honest being perennially partial to a drink) I was keen to check out Klaksvik’s pub, Roykstovan. I asked Valti if he wanted to join me, and he did, again I was glad of the company. Walking in it was quite smoky, and everyone was looking at us (in a “you’re not from round here” type way), but just as I was thinking it was a bit intimidating a three people came over to talk to us and it was all good natured. A couple of them worked on trade ships and one was a fisherman. We had a few beers, talked about Chelsea, Denmark and Faroese independence, and one of the group’s family – who lived in the Outer Hebrides.

The beer kept flowing, then come kicking out time at the pub one of the group invited us back to his house. He had a shed at the side of the house where he hung up fish to dry (very typical in these parts), there are no flies in the Faroe Islands (as it’s too windy I guess) so the meat stays good. He also had whale blubber stored in a dustbin which I tried – very salty which complemented the beers we’d been drinking (better than a kebab I reckon). Also tried some of the dried fish called “Coot”, couldn’t work out what this was in English.

Faroese Delicacy

Trying the local cuisine

It was now about 1 in the morning, and one of the younger guys in the group suggested we go to the nightclub in town. The club was everything you’d expect from a small town nightclub really, expensive to get in at 80Kr, and playing pretty awful RnB type music. Everyone in there was pretty drunk, myself included, which got me through the experience. I normally hate nightclubs but it can’t have been that bad as I stayed until kicking out time at 4 in the morning. Outside it was broad daylight (and pouring with rain) which felt somewhat bizarre. All in all a top night out, was really impressed by the hospitality the locals bestowed upon me.


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