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Reliving an old trip – 28th June 2006 – Six hour bus ride to Reykjavik

I’ve always been a fan of journeys for their own sake. Flying excepted I guess, although even that isn’t so bad if you’re flying with a decent airline and get settled in with some wine and films. Anyway, as such I was actually quite looking forward to my six hour bus ride to Reykjavik, and it didn’t disappoint – a quiet and pleasant journey through rural Iceland stopping at such wonderfully exotic but actually very sleepy looking villages such as Blönduós, Hvammstangi and Borgarnes.

Bus to Reykjavik

Bus to Reykjavik

As we drove through the outer lieing of suburbs of Reykjavik I was struck at the sheer size of the place, I hadn’t seen anywhere remotely this size since leaving Aberdeen seventeen days ago. Reykjavik is a city constantly growing, as was evidenced by the number of cranes and construction I could see. Like the Faroe Islands, Iceland suffers from centralisation with people from small villages all over the country upping sticks to move to the big smoke (or perhaps more appropriately smoky bay, which is what Reykjavik translates as). 62% of the country live in the capital, a figure that is growing annually.

I was staying at the campsite which was a bit of a hike from the bus station and city centre. But it’s a nice site, very big and with decent looking facilities. Everything costs extra though, showers, laundry and cooking facilities, and that’s off a base rate of 800ISK per night.

I booked a Golden Circle tour for tomorrow, which takes in the quintessential sights all conviently placed within a few hours drive of Reykjavik. Then I walked back into town to explore.

The main shopping street Laugavegur seems nice, but expensive. I treated myself to a pub meal rather than cook back at the campsite, but stopped at the supermarket on the way back to stock up – I won’t be able to afford this every night!