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Killing time in Nuuk

Well despite a brief let up in the wind last night, it’s firmly back up to “blowing you off your feet if you’re not careful” level. Not quite sure what that equates to on the Beaufort scale, but am a bit concerned about my ferry trip tonight. Can we even sail in this?

Given the wind the hike around Little Marlene is still out of the question so I’ve got a second lazy day to kill in Nuuk waiting for my ferry which departs at 21:00. Probably one day too many in all honesty, I have to check out of the seaman’s hotel by 10 and I kind of feel like I’ve done everything there is to do in town.

The high street in Nuuk is quite small but I had a look round what there was of the shops. There aren’t a great range of shops but if you’re want to buy an iPod or flat screen TV you’re in luck as there are at least three gadget/technology shops.


On the walk to Nuussuaq

For lunch I headed over to Nuussuaq, which is a suburb twenty minutes walk east of town centre. On the walk there I go past several more grim housing estates including one which has a completely burnt out flat. There’s a fair amount of graffiti, the usual tags and “Fook the police” written a couple of times. I get absolutely soaked walking over to Nuussuaq, find a reasonable cafe called Isikkivik where I just about dry out before heading back into town.



All in all it’s quite a dull day killing time in Nuuk again, although I console myself that this does seem to be a feature of travel in the North, flight/ferry/bus timetables being what they are here. I remember once I had to wait two hours at a bus stop in Shetland in the pouring rain for one of the only services of the day, I guess you just have to settle into it and accept it.

With so little to do I feel proud of myself that I managed to stay out of the pub (Takuss again) until 15:10, but the fact it didn’t open until 15:00 had a large part to do with this. Alcohol does seem to be very highly controlled here, you’re not allowed to take any booze whatsoever into the country with you, and once there you can’t buy it in the supermarket in the evenings or at weekends (exactly when you want it surely), and of course it’s very expensive.

Spend a few hours having a couple of beers and watching the tennis, hoping the wind will die down before my ferry. No such luck though and as I walk to the ferry terminal I’m almost blown off my feet again.